Autumn’s round the corner

With Autumn round the corner and walks set to get muddier here are some good reasons to get your pooches coat clipped:

1. to make the coat look nice and tidy

2. to keep the dog comfortable and cool.

3.  the coat is easier to keep clean and free of  knots.

4. allows a wet dog to dry out quicker when it has got wet from rain and swimming.

Coats can be clipped to various lengths, from very smooth and short, or longer in a teddy bear style.

Get in touch if you’d like to arrange a clip!



 To book an appointment or discuss your requirements,
please call 01635 569591 or email


TopDog is a brand new mobile dog grooming company, serving pooches in a 20 mile radius of Newbury. TopDog offers dog grooming at excellent value and makes the grooming experience a positive one for dog and owner. Your dog will end up looking tidy and smelling fresh, either in the comfort of his home or at our grooming facilities, where we offer a pick up and drop off service.

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