What to expect from a grooming session

A typical groom takes between 2-3 hours to complete. The time taken to do the groom will depend on the condition, type and length  of the dog’s coat, the size of the dog, and how easy the dog is to handle. In a grooming session the dog is brushed out, washed, conditioned, thoroughly rinsed, dried, trimmed or clipped, nails are cut and ears plucked if required and cleaned.

To help your dog have a pleasant grooming experience, it helps to get him used to standing on a raised surface, having all parts of his body handled, and to noises such as from hairdryers. Also regular thorough brushing and combing will keep the coat clear of mats and dead undercoat, and will help when the dog groomer comes.

Why not make it part of your walking routine to put your dog on an old table or work surface to have a good look at him, some days brush him, some days handle and check his feet and ears, or let him hear a hairdryer, then reward with a treat. Soon your dog will look forward to having this extra attention! And if not already part of your routine, cleaning your dog’s teeth is also a really good thing to do; especially small dogs can be prone to gum disease, in spite of having a kibble diet. There! Now all done and he can have a rest in his basket.

Hope this helps.

Happy customers just after being groomed!

Happy customers just after being groomed!


 To book an appointment or discuss your requirements,
please call 01635 569591 or email topdogberkshire@hotmail.co.uk


TopDog is a brand new mobile dog grooming company, serving pooches in a 20 mile radius of Newbury. TopDog offers dog grooming at excellent value and makes the grooming experience a positive one for dog and owner. Your dog will end up looking tidy and smelling fresh, either in the comfort of his home or at our grooming facilities, where we offer a pick up and drop off service.

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