Winter grooming

Many dog owners think that their pet does not need to be groomed during winter months, because the long coat will keep it warm when it is cold outside. Here are some reasons why grooming all year round should be kept up:

1. A gap of a few months in the grooming regime can result in a matted coat packed with dead undercoat. Mats can also form between the pads of the feet, and nails can become overgrown if not trimmed regularly.

2. A matted coat does not allow air the reach the dog’s skin which can lead to skin problems. Also when the dog gets wet in the rain, the coat will be very slow to dry out, resembling a wet wool blanket and resulting in the dog being cold and uncomfortable for quite a while. A shorter coat that allows air to reach the skin will keep him warmer than a long matted coat.

3. A lot of the dog’s time in winter will be spent indoors in the warm, with central heating making the air very dry and causing the dog’s hair to become static. Static hair attracts dust and will be more prone to matting. Washing the dog’s coat with a good shampoo, and especially conditioning the coat well, will result in making the coat less static, and it will be easier to brush out any shedding hair and knots.

4. As long as the dog is dries thoroughly after his bath before being allowed outside again, there is no reason why he should not have a bath in winter.

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