‘hair of the dog…….’

Some pedigree dog are chosen for their beautiful long coats……Shih zu’s, Lhasa Apso’s, Briards, Tibetan terriers, etc. Often owners admire their carefree shaggy dog image. However, often, in spite of the owner’s best intentions, the daily brushing these breeds need is overlooked from time to time, (or most of the time!) Or the dog is brushed, but not down to the skin all over the body….(more about brushing in a future blog!)

Often the hairbrush only comes out when mats are found. Unless the dog is very tolerant, soon, he will start to dislike being brushed. He will be fine where there are no knots, but snappy when the brush hits a tangle.

It is really important for the owner to be honest , and when there isn’t time to keep the coat free from matting, by daily brushing and combing, it is in their’s and the dog’s best interest to give the dog a style that is cute but short and easy to maintain between grooms. Do not torture a dog with hours of dematting or expect a groomer to do it, because it is unfair to the dog. It is not their fault if they develop mats, they can’t brush themselves!

Long coats can be greatly helped by feeding a high quality dog food, and adding a supplement of fish oils where the coat seems dry.

If you have any queries about how best to maintain your dog’s coat between grooms or to discuss your dog’s grooming needs please get in touch.

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 To book an appointment or discuss your requirements,
please call 01635 569591 or email topdogberkshire@hotmail.co.uk


TopDog is a brand new mobile dog grooming company, serving pooches in a 20 mile radius of Newbury. TopDog offers dog grooming at excellent value and makes the grooming experience a positive one for dog and owner. Your dog will end up looking tidy and smelling fresh, either in the comfort of his home or at our grooming facilities, where we offer a pick up and drop off service.

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