Brushing tips

A dog’s coat keeps the dog comfortable if it is well looked after. It traps air to keep it warm when it is cold; keeps it cool when not clogged with dead undercoat; and dries quickly when it is light and free flowing.

Brushing should be done in the right way to be effective. A lot of brushing tools are on the market, but many of these are sharp and can cause damage to the dog’s coat or even injure the skin. Expert advice must be sought before attempting to use these tools.

For regular maintenance, short coats are best brushed with a bristle brush and then combed, and longer coats with a pin brush and then be combed. The combing is the important part, because it will pick up where the tangles are. These can then gently be worked out using a detangle spray.

Once bad mats have formed, it is best to get the help of a dog groomer to remove them safely with the clippers, especially when they are very close to the skin. Brushing a dry and dirty coat can damage the hair and regular washing and conditioning will protect it. Special care needs to be taken brushing areas which are most prone to matting, such as behind the ears, under the ‘arms’, the belly, the trousers at the back etc. It is very good discipline for the dog to learn to tolerate all parts of his body being handled.

Regular grooming can become a great way to bond with the dog, allowing you to check the dog over and check for health, keeps the house cleaner and the dog looks and feels great!


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TopDog is a brand new mobile dog grooming company, serving pooches in a 20 mile radius of Newbury. TopDog offers dog grooming at excellent value and makes the grooming experience a positive one for dog and owner. Your dog will end up looking tidy and smelling fresh, either in the comfort of his home or at our grooming facilities, where we offer a pick up and drop off service.

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