Bath time – tips for washing your dog.

Every dog needs a wash from time to time…..and common sense applies, but here are a few tips!

1. Remove any matted coat before bathing, matts shrink like wool and become tighter and tighter after each wash! Brush them out carefully, but if they are too bad or if there are too many, they should be clipped off with clippers – cutting them off with scissors is not safe, you might cut and hurt the dog. A dog groomer can do this securely and efficiently using a non slip table with restraints for safety.

2. Wet the dog first and dilute the dog shampoo, this will alow the shampoo to be worked through the coat evenly and will ensure it is rinsed out well afterwards. Spaniel ears might need washing with undiluted shampoo if they are very dirty.

3. To wash the dog well he should be washed twice to get him really clean. Start to wash and rinse the head using a tearless shampoo, a dog’s eyes are very sensitive.

4. It is best to use an appropriate dog shampoo, a dog’s skin has a different pH to a human’s.

5. Specially designed brushes for bathing can be used to brush the shampoo through the coat, this can also serve to remove some more dead coat. It gives the dog a nice massage at the same time!

6. Conditioning the coat using some diluted conditioner will leave the coat lush and shiny, and less likely to tangle again in the future.

7.When towel drying the dog don’t rub vigorously  if he has a coat which tangles easily, dab them dry instead to stop new mats from forming.

8. Finish drying with a hand held dryer on a cool setting, and keep him in till he is completely dry if it’s cold outside!

Oh lovely, a clean dog……!


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TopDog is a brand new mobile dog grooming company, serving pooches in a 20 mile radius of Newbury. TopDog offers dog grooming at excellent value and makes the grooming experience a positive one for dog and owner. Your dog will end up looking tidy and smelling fresh, either in the comfort of his home or at our grooming facilities, where we offer a pick up and drop off service.

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